Oh to be a bird
floating on the warm wind
holding onto the breeze
Oh to soar across the skies

To reach out into the clouds
wings stretched wide
nothing to hold back
To be always striving

First to trust my own wings
certain they are strong
nothing can go awry
First having faith in me

But doubts push on
sleeplessly waiting
tirelessly hoping
But nothing happens

Take initiative?
scared to be wrong
don’t be afraid
Take the risk yourself!

Oh to be a bird
chirping on a branch
soaking up new life
Oh to soar the skies together


Happy Tuesday

I love the Daily Prompt today!

However, I’m finding it kind of difficult to write a poem like that. ┬áHard as it may be, I will try. ┬áHumbly, I present you with my almost-masterpiece:

Hello friends, enemies, and strangers
How nice of you to read about my day.
Honestly, I spent a class on Facebook
Hearing what my friend’s poetry would say.

Haha! I laughed, but of course I meant,
How very true are your words said.
How pitiful they sound out loud; sadly,
Hopeless is my heart but led.

Hand? Mine? I’ll gladly share it
Hear my words though they feel small —
Hindered by fear I will not be;
Happy Tuesday, friends, I’m going to play basketball.