March 29

I’m so tired of doing homework.  I’m so tired of being overloaded with obligations.  I’m so tired of feeling tired!

I woke up this morning after a great six hours of sleep (I can only sleep well in increments of three hours), started my day making breakfast with a friend, and ended up spending the day pulling some shenanigans with two of my best friends.  I didn’t complete nearly enough homework, but I am so thankful to be blessed with such a great day!  Praise God!

Psalm 103 reminded me that I should do God’s work.  As much homework as I did, I did His bidding, I did His will.  My Heavenly Father created me to teach kids (or at least get the degree for it), and preparing myself through schoolwork is the way I can serve Him.



Oh to be a bird
floating on the warm wind
holding onto the breeze
Oh to soar across the skies

To reach out into the clouds
wings stretched wide
nothing to hold back
To be always striving

First to trust my own wings
certain they are strong
nothing can go awry
First having faith in me

But doubts push on
sleeplessly waiting
tirelessly hoping
But nothing happens

Take initiative?
scared to be wrong
don’t be afraid
Take the risk yourself!

Oh to be a bird
chirping on a branch
soaking up new life
Oh to soar the skies together