March 29

I’m so tired of doing homework.  I’m so tired of being overloaded with obligations.  I’m so tired of feeling tired!

I woke up this morning after a great six hours of sleep (I can only sleep well in increments of three hours), started my day making breakfast with a friend, and ended up spending the day pulling some shenanigans with two of my best friends.  I didn’t complete nearly enough homework, but I am so thankful to be blessed with such a great day!  Praise God!

Psalm 103 reminded me that I should do God’s work.  As much homework as I did, I did His bidding, I did His will.  My Heavenly Father created me to teach kids (or at least get the degree for it), and preparing myself through schoolwork is the way I can serve Him.


Happy Tuesday

I love the Daily Prompt today!

However, I’m finding it kind of difficult to write a poem like that.  Hard as it may be, I will try.  Humbly, I present you with my almost-masterpiece:

Hello friends, enemies, and strangers
How nice of you to read about my day.
Honestly, I spent a class on Facebook
Hearing what my friend’s poetry would say.

Haha! I laughed, but of course I meant,
How very true are your words said.
How pitiful they sound out loud; sadly,
Hopeless is my heart but led.

Hand? Mine? I’ll gladly share it
Hear my words though they feel small —
Hindered by fear I will not be;
Happy Tuesday, friends, I’m going to play basketball.